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On The Back Of A Tiger

On The Back Of A Tiger

A trailer and series of teasers for On The Back Of A Tiger, a feature-length documentary in progress.

There's something wrong in science and medicine. A group of maverick scientists unravel the fatal flaws in our scientific and medical establishments, and how they've led to failures in treating our most devastating diseases. On the Back of a Tiger presents a paradigm-shift in how we do science, ultimately leading to a better understanding of disease, aging, and nutrition.

Co-directed with Jeremy Stuart. You can also visit our, siteblog and facebook page.


The late biochemist, geneticist, and artist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho on how she became a scientist and one of neo-Darwinism's greatest critics. 

Dr. Harold Hillman on the living cell.

Prof. Gerald Pollack on the fourth phase of water.

Dr. Gilbert N. Ling on his unifying theory of life phenomena.


Directors: Brad Abrahams & Jeremy Stuart
Editor: Brad Abrahams
Color and Titles: Jeremy Stuart
Original Score: John Black & Jesse Solomon Clark