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On The Back Of A Tiger

On The Back Of A Tiger: Documentary-in-Progress

A trailer and series of teasers for On The Back Of A Tiger, a feature-length documentary.

A group of maverick scientists unravel the fatal flaws in our scientific and medical establishments, and how they've led to failures in treating our most devastating diseases. Through spirited interviews, lab experiments, and animation, On the Back of a Tiger presents a paradigm-shift in how we do science, leading to a better understanding of disease, aging, and nutrition.

Co-directed with Jeremy Stuart. You can also visit our, siteblog and facebook page.


The late biochemist, geneticist, and artist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho on how she became a scientist and one of neo-Darwinism's greatest critics. 

Dr. Harold Hillman on the living cell.

Prof. Gerald Pollack on the fourth phase of water.

Dr. Gilbert N. Ling on his unifying theory of life phenomena.


Directors: Brad Abrahams & Jeremy Stuart
Editor: Brad Abrahams
Color and Titles: Jeremy Stuart
Original Score: John Black & Jesse Solomon Clark