Direction + Conception

Microsoft: MindQuest

Microsoft Recruiting: MindQuest

The first in a series of two viral videos for Microsoft Recruiting. We were asked to help recruit up-and-coming ace computer programmers before they get snatched up by Google and Facebook. We thought the only way for them to appear fresh would be to do something they never do, poke fun at themselves, specifically in the context of how they are viewed in the computing community. Somehow Microsoft let the concept through. This is the result. Produced at Digital Kitchen in 2008.



Creative and Live Action Director: Brad Abrahams
Producer: Carrine Fisher
Designers: Ben Grube, Cody Cobb
Editors: Brad Abrahams, Dave Molloy
Animators: Cody Cobb, Jayne Vidheecharoen
3D: Brad Abrahams, Cody Cobb, John Foreman
Exec. Creative Director: Matt Mulder
Client: Microsoft
Agency: Wexley School for Girls
Original Music: Danny Wolfers