Direction + Conception
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National Multiple Sclerosis Society

NMSS: Connections

For the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Part of a larger campaign to utilize the internet to connect patients, doctors, and researchers to overcome the disease together. Exclusively features people with MS and the doctors who treat them. Produced at Digital Kitchen. For Wieden+Kennedy.




Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Director: Brad Abrahams
Producer: Sarah Shipley
Line Producer: Chris Gallagher
Director of Photography: Trevor Fife, Morgan Henry
Exec. Producers: Eric Oldrin, Kent Smith


Post Producer: Shelli Jury
Editor: Kyle Valenta
Asst. Editor: Patrick Carroll
Sound Design: Charlie Keating
Color Correction: Dave Jahns
Music:    Andrew Bird, "Plasticities" Instrumental
Sound Design: Charlie Keating