Direction + Conception
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Omniprocessor: Dakar

Omni Processor: Dakar - Director's Cut

A mini-documentary on the Janicki Omniprocessor, made famous when Bill Gates drank a glass of clean water it produced from human feces. It’s been reassembled in Dakar, a cosmopolitan city in West Africa struggling with devastating sewage & water treatment issues. There it is processing raw human waste into clean drinking water (!), electricity, and ash for fertilizer and building materials. Produced for bgC3.

This version is a director's cut. The original can be found here.



Client: BGC3
Director: Brad Abrahams
Producer: Matt Ralston
DP: Trevor Fife and Guy Tucker
Editor: Brad Abrahams, Felipe Marmolejo
Grading: Jeremy Stuart
Design: Rob Brambilla
Exec. Producer: Nate Barr
Music by Arvo Pärt
Produced by Curator Pictures