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WordPress: Do Anything

Wordpress: Do Anything

What would you do if you could do anything? This is one of five spots for's Do Anything campaign, answering that question. Hilde Lysiak started a local newspaper that covers murders, drug deals, and other crime. She's also 12 years old. And covered her first murder at the age of 9. Yup. Three more spots below:


The Sewcialists


It Gets Better


Director: Brad Abrahams
Production Company: Curator Pictures
DP: Stebs
Producers: Yusef Chabatya & Andrew Chennisi
AC: Eric Jensch
Editor: Andrew Franks, Felipe Marmolejo
Composer: Matt Hutchinson
Color: Jeremy Stuart
GFX: Carina Simmons and Joanny Causse
Client: Automattic